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The conditions of making money from websites and platforms


Publication : 15-11-2023

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Is it permissible to give money to a number of people, approximately fifty, and give each one eight or ten cents in return for registering on some websites by email, whilst making sure that there is nothing Islamically objectionable on the website, and no scam or depositing money, and it is simply a survey website, or a platform for communications, and the website assigns some profit for me of approximately thirty cents for every person who registers through the link that I send to him, therefore I will have knowledge of how much profit I am going to get?


Praise be to Allah.

If what is meant is that the website will give you thirty cents if someone registers with them through your link, and in order to encourage people to register with the website through you, you say to them: Whoever registers through me and participates in a survey, I will give him eight cents or ten cents, then the answer is:

1. With regard to yourself, if you get others to register with the website for free, and you are given that amount of money for anyone who registers through you, then there does not seem to be anything wrong with it, except for what we will mention below, at the end of the answer.

2. With regard to the people you recruit, if the work expected of them is permissible – which is filling out a survey, checking the website or merely registering – and the payment is definitely known, whether it is eight cents or ten cents, and is not merely possible, and they can register with the website for free, then there is nothing wrong with that either.

The problem that may be there is if the website deceives investors, advertisers and the like, by showing them how many visitors, browsers and subscribers there are, to make them think that these people like the product, for example. In that case it is haram to work with this website, if it becomes clear that it is deceiving people, because in that case registering with it is helping in deception.

If what the question means is something other than what we have mentioned, then we hope you will explain it further, so that we can give an answer.

For the benefit of readers, we will list some guidelines on when it is permissible to earn money through websites, which are as follows:

1. Registration with the website should be free.

2. The content of the website, ads and otherwise, should be permissible.

3. The work that is to be done should be known, such as clicking on ads, or completing a survey, in which case it is stipulated that you should answer truthfully.

4. The commission should be known.

5. The website should not be one that deceives investors, advertisers and the like about the number of visitors and browsers. If that is the case, it is haram to work with it, because that is helping in deceit.

6. The individual should not try to cheat the website by making more than one account if that is contrary to the rules of the website, because of the prohibition on deceiving and cheating.

And Allah knows best.

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